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please stop having disdain for people with asperger’s disorder (or any other form of autism this applies to – but i have asperger’s, so i can only speak for myself) because of things we do that are linked to or a result of us having asperger’s disorder.

like when i do something that i don’t know is socially inappropriate, or because i forgot i was in a social setting and thus did this thing, and you think “lol what a freak oMQ” and make fun of me with your friends so they’ll think you’re edgy and OH so HILARIOUS or whatever… that is an act of ableism.

when you get mad at and/or yell at me for not understanding what you said right away, or for taking you too literally… that is an act of ableism.

when you make fun of my odd speech patterns or other eccentric things about the way i communicate with people… that is an act of ableism.

and most importantly, stop acting like you’re totes not ableist for doing these things just because you “don’t hate me/find me annoying/whatever for having asperger’s, but because i do [x]”. i do [x] because i have asperger’s, so, by proxy, you DO in fact hate me/find me annoying/whatever because i have asperger’s.

“but you doing [x] makes me uncomfortable!” then tell me – NICELY. i am still learning to read and interpret facial expressions and tone of voice, so i will not always automatically know if you are uncomfortable. if you want me to know for sure, say “can you please stop doing that? i am uncomfortable.”

if you think the person you’re dealing with will be hurt by you saying that, you can also preface it with “i’m not mad at you or anything, but”. (as someone who also has an anxiety disorder, i personally like to know that you’re not mad at me! – but don’t say that if you ARE mad at me, though. i do not appreciate dishonesty; in my opinion dishonesty is just as bad as laughing about me behind my back.)

this has been a PSA… GOOD NIGHT NEW YORK CITY*!!!!!!!

*not actually new york city; this is a reference to that one show whose name i forget, in which they say that after the theme song.

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